Friday, September 12, 2008

Maine: Part 3

Fortune's Rocks is a short drive from the beach house. It has waves (sometimes big enough to surf) and sand and seagulls and tide pools.
Here we have Fred modeling his new swim diaper. Doesn't he look fast?
Yummy sand:
The water is warmer in the tide pools:

Fred bookin' it down to the ocean--or as Stella calls it, "that big swimming pool thing." (I have very intelligent kids.) I think the water is cold but Fred didn't mind it:

Dan's sister Kristen and Sala:

Why did it not occur to me to put her hair back?
Dan's dad:

Jumping waves:
Surfing in whitewater kayaks:
Fred's suit got left behind this day:Memere and Fred
The Hyldal family came up from Massachusetts for the weekend. Rob and Dan went for mtn. bike rides and Rowe, Kristen and I played tennis. It was fun to have our boys play.
Paddle ball (I cropped my saddle bags out of the picture for your viewing pleasure):
The end.
More pictures on flicker


Carrie said...

Chloe looks like quite the beach babe. Are you sure you moved to the right place? S. Cali might be better! I love your hair. I've been debating the full bang look. I think it looks better on you than it would me.

k8theriver said...

check out your profile picture--it looks great on you!

Ang said...

FUN!!! The picture of Chloe on flickr (curly hair) is awesome!

Heath said...

I really like the one of Chloe jumping over the wave. YOu say Fred looks fat in that one picture but then there' the one from behind (not the naked one) and he looks totally "fit" and muscley! It's funny how their body's contort in all those different ways. Sorry summer's coming to and end for you. Enjoy these last days!

Em-Cat said...

It looks like so much fun. I bet it was nice to reacquaint yourselves with your Maine Family. I thought Fred looked so cute in his swim diaper...kinda like a little Rico Suave!