Sunday, February 13, 2011

We received a letter in the mail inviting Chloe to participate in the school's "gifted" program. In the same week Stella's teacher informed me that Stella is struggling and falling behind the other students.
These two are so different.
Chloe is naturally driven, responsible and independent. Stella is easy-going and carefree.
We are proud of Chloe and are trying to help Stella but we are not going to get too worried yet. We were told that children's brains are still developing and they only use a small percentage. Sometimes they use more of one side (left vs. right) than the other and it is usually around 2nd grade that this evens out. Stella loves to color and create so we are hoping this is the case with her. (Although, I will admit that Chloe has always been crafty and book smart--she's cool like that.) I am the art mom for Stella's class. There are some kids in Stella's class that can write in complete sentences but cannot do, what I consider to be, a very simple art project.
Besides, I was one of a few kids that had to go to a reading aid in first grade and I turned out ok. Not too stupid.
Chloe made it to her school's 2nd grade spelling bee. She made it to the 6th round then got out on beautiful. She said "b-e-a-u-t-i-e.." then paused because she knew she had messed up. She knows this word but last week her class had "beauties" as a spelling word and she just goofed up. She cried afterward. "Everyone will think I'm so stupid for getting out on such an easy work!" She is a worrier.
Here she is spelling in front of the judges, all the 2nd graders and the parents beyond them. I was telling Chanell that I hated the stress of the spelling bee and when it was my turn I said, "g-p-q-a-r-t" because I had a fear of failing. Failing on purpose was much better than failing while actually trying. Chanell told me about the Brian Regan comedy skit. I'm glad someone appreciates my move.

I also came across this spelling bee video and laughed.

Stupid in School

I didn't realize how screwed up English is until I learned Spanish. As I was helping Chloe study her spelling she would ask, "How do I know if it ends in 'al' or 'le'?" And she was so fascinated when I told her that in Spanish the vowels always make the same sound--'a' is always 'ah'. She asked, "What about 'a' (as in apple)?" "They don't have that sound." "Wow!"

(I have tried five times to upload pictures to this post but the program keeps closing so I'll have to continue this in the next post.)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentine Box

It looks really simple but it actually took a long time and a lot of sketches for Chloe and I to come up with the right penguin. She made me do most of the drawing but I made her do the cutting, gluing, coloring and glittering. And we took her name off last year's box and glued it on the bag. We added a bunch of sequins and jems for jewelry but we both agreed that we liked the simple version better and we pulled them all off before the glue dried.
She loves it and her classmates love it. Her only complaint is that when it is time to distribute valentines she will have to turn it backwards.

Stella and I were going to make a fox (similar to Chloe's, based off this) but her class isn't doing boxes.