Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Maine: Part 2

Dan's great-grandfather built this beach house with lumber from the sawmill he owned. Dan's mom's share is one week during the summer (and a couple in the winter).
Dan, Fred and Pop in beautiful beach sunset lighting:
Nice snaggle:
Stella wanted a turn:
Warrior princess:

Great-grammy and Fred:
The porch:
These are Dan's cousins, all adopted from China:
Pepe rocking Stella to sleep:
The beach in front of the house has lots of rocks (not much sand and waves). It is good for climbing, hunting crabs and snails, collecting shells and exploring:


EenieMeenyPicks said...

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Eenie Meeny Picks

Heath said...

Where is this beach house? It looks like a great time! Your kids look great with beach sun lighting!!! Fred's a cutie.

amy said...

what did you win... and who has the beach house the rest of the time.. do they rent it out?

k8theriver said...

the beach house is in hills beach, near biddeford, maine.
i bought a dress as part of a fundraiser.
the rest of dan's great-grandfather's descendents get the rest of the weeks.

Carrie said...

Maine looks lovely! Stella's hair has really filled out! It's so cute. LOVE the photo of Fred with his big blue eyes in his blue hoodie.

Jordan Goodrich said...

I better watch my back. Jordan Goodrich Photography might get run out of business by Katie LaRiviere Photography.