Thursday, September 04, 2008

1st Will Be Even Better

Yesterday I went for a run and decided to stop and let the girls play at one of the parks we passed. When we got home I put Fred down for a nap and then noticed the clock said 12:42. Chloe's class starts at 12:50. I hurried and did her hair and gave her a yogurt to drink in the car on the way (good thing they get snacks). One of the big pro's about our new home is that it is 200 yards from a new school. I can drop her off and be back home in under 5 minutes. (So I left Fred sleeping--don't turn me in.)
Her class gets out at 3:40. Fred slept until 3:20. Stella is really good at pretending and playing by herself. I think it is a nice break for her to not have Chloe dominating and dictating. At one point I realized it had gotten really quiet...I found Stella like this:Taking a nap!
And today while Chloe was at school and Fred was taking a nap Stella asked me to open a box of toys. When I told her she had to first put the other ones away she had a melt-down. So I said, "Why don't you go lay down and take a nap like you did yesterday?" "NOOOO!!!" But then she did it! She stopped taking naps almost a year ago.



daisy said...

I have one in 3rd and one in 2nd and it IS heaven. They get out at 3:30 but are usually home around 4:00 (they like to walk slow and chat with friends). You need to find someone for Chloe to walk with. Fun for her, funner for YOU!
I too have left a sleeping baby in a crib like that. Hasn't every mom?

daisy said...

Actually it's 3rd and 1st grades. I I'm a good mom really.

k8theriver said...

1st and 3rd! that just made me so excited. and in 2012 it will be 4th, 2nd and k. then its bon bons and soaps. aw yeah.

amy said...

I'm just stoked about preschool- two days a week for two hours!!!

heat said...

Your pictures get better with every post. We really need a better/new camera.
I texted you on your birthday but no response. New number?

k8theriver said...

sorry heat, we did get new numbers. i need to send out an email.
we got a new 50 mm lense. it helps with the photography.