Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Dumb Tooth Fairy

At Chloe's last visit to the dentist she was told that she had a loose tooth. She has been looking forward to losing a tooth for a L O N G time so this news made her very happy. Four months later her tooth finally fell out while wrestling on the trampoline with Stella.
Not long after she lost her tooth she lost her tooth.
She was heart-broken. She didn't care about the tooth but what the tooth could get her. So I told her we would leave a note for the tooth fairy explaining what happened. I started it, "Dear Tooth Fairy, My tooth fell out but I lost it." Chloe finished it, "Could you please just leave some money anyway?"
We put the note under her pillow and in her prayer she asked that what happened to Halle wouldn't happen to her. I asked what happened to Halle. "She left her tooth under her pillow but the tooth fairy never came!"
I would never be such a thought-less parent! Well, whu-do-ya-know, I went to bed without slipping the bill. Fred woke me up at 7 am and I remembered. I was heading up the stairs with the money just as Chloe was heading down with the note in her hand and a big frown on her face.
"Dumb tooth fairy."
I headed back to my room and slipped the dollar under my pillow. I thought maybe I would try to convince her that the tooth fairy got the pillows mixed up--I know, lame. But she had been looking forward to this for a year or more. I was desperate.
"Why did they even make a tooth fairy?" she asked. If she's not going to show up when needed then why even exist? (Seriously, why did they make a tooth fairy?)
Dan saved us, "Oh, I know why she didn't come--Its Sunday. The tooth fairy doesn't work on Sunday." Chloe said, "Oh." That made sense to her and she was able to get over her disappointment. And that night (after midnight, because the tooth fairy doesn't work on the sabbath) the tooth fairy redeemed herself with a little dollar bill origami.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Fred is One!

We used Fred's birthday as an opportunity to get to know people. We invited some neighbors and families from our ward over for a little party in our backyard. There were lots of kids so we had Little Ceasar's Pizza, a veggie tray, fruit, cake and ice cream sandwiches.
The party:
Dan's parents gave this ride-on toy to Stella for Christmas. She unwrapped it but we never put it together. We convinced her to give it to Fred for his birthday. (Thanks Meme & Pepe & Stella.)

Unfortunately I didn't really get a chance to talk to people. Hosting a party is not an ideal way to get to know people. One family at a time over for dinner would work better. Oh well, most of them knew eachother and they all seemed to enjoy themselves.

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The Cake

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At first he wasn't very interested.
Then he couldn't figure out how to eat it.
But after we cut it up he was able to fully enjoy it.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Chloe's First Tri

Get ready for a lot of pictures because I thought this was cute.
About a week ago I realized that the triathlon I was signed up for also had a kid's race so I asked Chloe if she wanted to do it. She was very excited. Then I realized it was $40 and tried to talk her out of it. She wasn't going for it. When we were waiting for her race to start Stella realized what was going on and really wanted to do it too. I wanted her to do it too but not for $40. She took a $10-at-the-toy-store bribe.
All marked up:

25 yard swim:

Transition 1:

.75 mile bike:

Transition 2:
.5 mile run:

The End.

Mine was the next day:

Fred refueling:

Next up: Bear Lake Brawl, September 6th. Who'll join me? Or at least come camping with us?

Sunday, August 03, 2008


We took some Roses and Reichners down the river. Heading into some rapids:
We went out to eat at a japanese hibachi grill place last night. The cook gave Chloe a peice of shrimp and said, "Try this piece of chicken." After she said she liked it we told her what it really was . Her eyes got really wide, "I like shrimp!?" She was pretty impressed with herself and declared, "Shrimp is the bestest kind of chicken ever!"
Stella's first try without training wheels. Not too bad for barely three.