Monday, April 23, 2007


this isn't about chloe and stella but i figure those who care to read about them might be interested in these people too.
dan and ben and drake did a triathlon in st. george. ben got 1st in his age group, dan got 3rd in his, and drake got 2nd. ben also got a faster time than dan. dan thinks he might have swam an extra lap and ben probably swam one less. the announcer couldn't pronounce LaRiviere when she was giving ben his medal. after trying (and failing) she said, "from france!" we assumed it was because she recognized the name as french but dan realized later it was probably from the speedo he wore.

before the race. dan isn't as cut as ben but look how skinny he's gotten.

after the race with their medals

Easter in sunny St. George

the egg hunt

easter sunday

i'm pretty sure chloe had a lot to do with this

just in time for st. patrick's day

Favorite Things

chloe likes:
dress-ups & apples (she finally likes a fruit!)

sup pup & footsie pajamas

stella likes:

swinging and being outside. she's always asking to go outside.

her dog

climbing. "i kine up" (climb up)
she says this as we pass rocks and cliffs in the car.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Baby #3

baby #3, due august 13th, will be a .....
we weren't going to find out the gender yet but the nurse didn't know that i didn't know. she read from the chart, "so you're having a boy..." i hope its true.