Saturday, May 30, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

We went to Glacier National Park. It was fun. I'll write more later.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Glacier National Park

We took an enjoyable road trip to Glacier National Park over memorial day weekend. We got a late start Friday and drove most of the night. I couldn't sleep much because most of the
drive was along a raging river. My fear of crashing into a river was increased by the
billions of deer in/on/by the road. I think we drove about 8 hours that night and
didn't quite make our destination.
We drove about an hour the next day to get to Glacier. I was so excited. I went once before my mission and loved it and always wanted to return. I've bugged Dan to go before and was
happy he finally relented. But guess what? The park is not fully open for Memorial Day.
I know, so stupid. They don't plow the roads until June. We went a week early.
The amazing views from the Going-to-the-Sun Road were inaccessible.
Very disappointing. I will have to go back someday.
Anyway, after lunch we went on a small hike. A good warm-up for the kids.

Stella dragging a stick along the fence. Fred trying to copy Stella.

Helicopter Tour

We are such extravagant travelers.
Dan suggested that we take a helicopter tour since most of the park was closed. It probably wasn't the best decision financially but it was a very memorable experience and I'm glad we did it. None of us had ever ridden in a helicopter and we all loved it.
Chloe was a little nervous at first but I told her that if we crashed then we would all die together and go to heaven where everyone is happy. So don't worry. It was a very smooth ride with awesome views of the Continental Divide, glaciers, waterfalls, lakes, etc.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Crazy 4th Birthday

Ingredients for a CRAZY birthday party:
1. ribbon sticks
2. crazy straws
3. punch balloons
4. crazy pinata
5. bubble wands
6. crazy toothbrushes (to counteract #7)
7. crazy bubble tape

Freeze dancing with ribbon sticks.

I always make the kids sit in a wide circle around the recipient but it always ends up like this:

Crazy painting and bubbles.

Crazy pinata.

Punch balloons. (My camera battery died so we switched the video camera.)

Stella received a wagon.

And requested pizza for dinner.
P.s. Fred helped make the cake.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Busy Birthday

Today Stella turned four years old. I'm too tired to write something thoughtful. Too tired to post about the birthday. But I'll give you a sneak peak.
It was a CRAZY birthday party!

more later.

Monday, May 18, 2009

11 PM

Fred won't stay in his crib. He has been such a good sleeper so this makes me very sad. He let's me put him down. He doesn't cry. Then a few minutes later I hear his door shut (he always shuts doors behind him) on his way out of his room. So I pick him up and we start over. One time he went into the girls room. They are sleeping on the floor because Stella had an accident last night and I didn't get the plastic sheet washed. I would rather she have an accident on the floor than on the mattress. Fred went in and layed down between them. So I left him. Then I heard a bump and crying. He had a little goose egg between his eyebrows and a bloody nose. Not sure what happened. I took him into the bathroom to clean his nose. He wanted to brush his teeth. Then he wanted to read a book. Then I put him back down. Then I heard him cry again and he came out rubbing his leg. Now he is downstairs playing the piano. I'm tired.

Sunday, May 17, 2009



Fred can open the fridge.  And the oven.  And doors.  This talent provides endless opportunities to create trouble.  He has emptied out our medicine cabinet (including the shelves).  He likes to hang out in the garage.  Gets into the toothpaste and lotion and anything else that isn’t child-locked up.  Our house is a disaster.  I can’t keep up with these kids. 


Back in February I took excederin pm for the first time. I’ve never taken anything to help me sleep before. In the morning I was really tired so I told Stella to get herself dressed for preschool. This is what she came up with:


A button up cardigan under a striped dress. Over fleece pants. With polka dot shoes.

Here’s another good one:

The Summit

We took the ladder off the bunk beds to keep Fred from getting up there.
Of course it didn’t work. (Sorry for the blur, I was trying to spot him.)climber1



Feb. 18 months old.

Candy Addict

We had a lot of candy this year.  A LOT.  I bought some candy for Easter baskets and some candy to send to Dan’s brother Ben on his mission.  Then I misplaced the candy and bought more.  Well, I’ve been trying since last October to get a package to Ben and can’t get Dan to get his address for me so the candy didn’t get sent.  And Fred ate most of it.  Here are some pictures of just a few of the incidents.

It started out easy, we just placed it on the counter.  (We have to remove the knobs from the stove so he doesn’t turn on the gas.)


Here he is in the window sill.


And getting into the cupboard.  He’s pleading for me to remove the wrapper.


Fred, you have no one but yourself to blame for that belly.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

City of Rocks--part 1

City of Rocks--Part 2

We are so happy that the Gunn family came with us to City of Rocks. Especially since Danika was really pregnant and the trip had a rocky start. (That pun was not intended. The start was actually very dusty for them.)
We all slept in the tent-trailer.

The kids spent all day in the dirt.

Chloe was very patient.

City of Rocks--Part 3

It is hard to get a good picture of three kids.
(Click on photos to enlarge.)
Ok. Final post on this subject. There are way too many pictures, but I love this place.

After the Gunns left, we went for a hike.

Say "no" to crack.

It was fun.
The end.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009


Here we are on the Grand Teton eight and a half years ago. Footloose and fancy free. Young, tan, skinny, smiley, sick of the altitude (Dan) and later lost and shivering. Today is our 8th anniversary. I love getting gifts and look forward to any gift-giving occasion. I think it is because I hesitate to buy myself things. I usually drop hints and reminders leading up to the day and then get frustrated when Dan scrambles to get me something last minute. But this year we don't have anything planned and I was fine with not receiving anything. But Dan totally surprised me with:
Isn't it awesome?! He must REALLY love me. I had mentioned that I would like a cruiser to ride around the neighborhood: to school with Chloe, the park, etc. I have a road bike and a really nice mountain bike but I don't like taking the bike trailer on and off and thought it would be nice to have a bike that can always be hooked up to the trailer. (We all must pass through difficult trials in this life.) I think he over-did it a bit. I was thinking of a used one from craigslist but, man, this is a sweet, smooth ride. I love it.
It also benefits Chloe. She always complains about riding to school alone. Now I will have to go with her because this bike calls for my attention. And Fred & Stella love going for rides too. It is a gift for us all.
Thanks Dan!

Friday, May 01, 2009

Flashback Friday—Sleeping Stella

These are all from April & May of last year.

Asleep in her pasta.  Right after taking a bath. Good thing I put that bib on her.  (btw, granite is over-rated.  I miss that white formica.)DSC_0032DSC_0034

I was taking pictures of Stella and when I lowered the camera I realized that Fred had been posing. So I zoomed out and took this picture. 

Asleep by Chloe who is fiddling with her bellybutton.* 
And she probably fell asleep on my lap while waiting for me to stop organizing photos and start giving her attention. 


*Chloe is sitting here as I write this and is very concerned about what people will think of her for playing with her bellybutton.  (In a really whiney voice) “"But people will think I’m weird!”  She wants to make sure I make it known that she no longer does this.  I never noticed when she stopped.