Saturday, March 21, 2009

Flashback Friday

I really want to blog more.  Just for us.  To look back on.  I just keep getting behind and then I don’t know where to start. 
I’m flashing back to last Saturday.  It was a busy day.  Dan had a primary teacher meeting at 9 then I took the girls to the church for a primary activity.  Fred went right to Dan and rested his head on Dan’s shoulder.  He wouldn’t come to me.  So I left him.  I went back for him about 30 minutes later and he still wouldn’t come to me.  He even pushed me away.  He’s not usually such a daddy’s boy but I was glad because I got to go grocery shopping by myself.
After primary the girls had lunch and then went to a birthday party from 1-3.  I cleaned.  Fred napped.  Dan worked and put up shelves in the office. (I’ll post pictures later.  When I get back from spring break in St. George.) 
Then we took the girls skiing.  This is the first time we had gone with them since their ski lessons.  It was really fun.  Since Chloe learned to get on and off the lift by herself I was able to snowboard.  She is really good at turning  and stopping.  Stella is really good at going fast.  She didn’t want to go slow.  But we were afraid she would wreck so we kept yelling, “pizza!” (snow plow).  Then Chloe tried snowboarding.  We got home at 9:30.  Good day. IMGP0022IMGP0039

Friday, March 13, 2009

Flashback Friday

Our own March madness.  Involving no basketball.  Just pictures from March.

2002.  Chloe.


2003.  Chloe.


2004.  Chloe.


2005.  Chloe.


2006.  Stella.


2007.  Sup.  On a table.


Stella, Chloe & Baby Bear


2008.  Stella, Fred & Chloe. 


2009.  Chloe, Stella & Fred.


Thursday, March 12, 2009

He's Becoming More Civilized

Five months ago...
& Now... Before we know it he'll be eating caviar and sipping tea with his pinky out.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bike Shop

Dan worked in a bike shop through his teen years.  He has always liked bikes and dreamed of owning his own shop.  Well, it is finally happening.  He and a couple of friends are the new owners of SBR Sports in Orem, UT.  No, we are not moving down there.  We are not planning on making a living off the shop.  We are hoping to survive the first year and then have it support Kyle (he’s the one that will be running the store) and Angela.  One day we hope to make some money off it.

We would love to hook you all up but it is a small business in a bad economy.  If you are reading this then you are probably a friend or relative.  We will happily give you a discount.  But please don’t ask us to give your brother a deal.  Unless he has cancer and his house burned down or some other deserving reason.  In fact, if you have a healthy bank account maybe you can offer to pay more.  Just to help us out :). 

We have spend the last two weekends down there clearing out all the junk and repainting.  There is still a lot of work to do and we hope to have a spiffy shop soon.  Little by little.  If you have any skillz let us know and maybe we can work out a trade.  Anyone know how to drywall a ceiling?  Electrical?  (Nate?). 

SBR Sports

149 W 400 N
Orem, UT 84057

Wish us luck!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Cut the Cheese

I was changing Fred's diaper and he passed some gas. I laughed and said, "You tooted!" Then he let a long one rip. I laughed. He laughed. And then he tried to do it again. He was pushing so hard his face turned red. He finally just made a noise with his mouth. What is it with boys and their amusement with flatulence?

On a similar note...the other day I could tell he was trying to poop so I set him on the toilet. I missed the boat but he thought it was pretty cool to sit there.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Playroom cont.


I’m posting more than anyone cares to know about our playroom.  It is my favorite room.  When we moved in the ENTIRE house was painted that peachy tan color with a darker tan trim (see previous post).  We had all the doors and trim painted white and most of the house painted this light bluish color.  I meant for it to be gray and I don’t love it in the rest of the house but I really like it in the playroom.  I love having a playroom.  Upstairs.  With a door.  99.9% of the toys we own are in this room.  Everything is organized, as you will see.  DSC_0012 

I know the ‘keep calm’ poster is way over-done.  Does it make a difference that I bought it years ago from England before they were mass produced in the states in every color?  Well, I still like it enough to keep it up and I think it is perfect for a playroom.  The other two prints are from etsy.  DSC_0009ed

We had a large map hanging above the table and chairs but Fred kept pulling it down.  DSC_0008ed

I think the previous owners used this as a bedroom.  This alcove had been framed into a closet.  We ripped it out. 
I used to get so nervous when the kids came near me while I was running on the treadmill.  It also keeps them from playing on it.  DSC_0007 ed

Dan always complains that we have too many toys.  I have snuck out quite a few toys since the move.  For my own satisfaction of being organized I’m going to list all the toys.  (skip this part.)

  1. Doll Clothes and accessories
  2. dolls
  3. cars & trucks
  4. dolls
  5. videos, dvds
  6. stuffed animals
  7. random toys like Gumby (4 of these drawers used to be for random toys)
  8. stuffed animals
  9. wood puzzles

More toys

  1. train
  2. Mr.. & Mrs.. potato head
  3. puzzles, activity books, leapfrog
  4. magnetix
  5. horses and ponies
  6. wood & marbles building toy
  7. lincoln logs
  8. musical instruments
  9. small dolls like polly pockets, princesses
  10. legos
  11. wood blocks
  12. barbies
  13. dr./vet and small animals
  14. little people
  15. wood blocks


Kids love this trampoline.DSC_0029 
The girls always lay the futon down because they like it to be their stage.DSC_0016 

Fred actually brought that leotard to me to put on him.  Chloe added the skirt. DSC_0004

The girl’s room is basically done.  I hung up all the art I have been collecting.  I’m not sure about it.  So I’m going to think about it for a bit.  I’ll post pictures of it soon.  The next room I’ll tackle will be my…don’t know what to call it.  Not an office because I don’t work in there.  Not a craft room because I don’t craft.  My computer/storage room.   This is going to take a lot of organization.  And some help from Dan to install some shelves.  Hopefully he’ll find some time soon.