Saturday, November 20, 2010

Never Dull

One night before bed, Fred decided to march around wearing a knit hat and banging on a milk jug. Then he and Stella decided to play outside. In the snow. In the dark. They brought in snow to eat.
Then they dressed up and danced. (Stella really knows how to rock out.)

Saturday, November 13, 2010


We started the kids in gymnastics this summer. They all really love it. But Fred really loves it. Every day he asks if he has gymnastics. He cries when we take Chloe but it isn't his turn. And he gives thanks for it in his prayers.

Friday, November 05, 2010

Things That Go 'Bump' In The Night

Fred: ghost, Dan: zombie, Stella: mummy, Chloe: vampire, Katie: witch, old hag, Gypsy...

Chloe's eyes are gold because she is fed. (Twilight reference.)

We bought Chloe's costume at Walmart, necklace at Old Navy. She was trying to be Jane from Eclipse. I hot glued strips of fabric to Stella's shirt and leggings. I made Fred's cloak to wear over a pillowcase.
My Walmart nose wouldn't stay on but that is ok because I have a pointy nose of my own. My dress and shoes are from the DI. I died cheesecloth to go over it. The wig is Dan's mom's.
Dan ripped up old and thrifted clothes then rolled around in the dirt for added effect.

Here in Idaho they don't change holidays just because they are on Sunday. So we didn't let our kids go trick-or-treating on the sabbath. But they got plenty of candy at the trunk-or-treat at the church on Saturday and enjoyed handing out candy to kids that came by on Sunday.
We really enjoyed the haunted theme. I think I will do this every year. The kids can be whatever they want but it has to be a spooky version. I think the zombie version of Wizard of Oz or princesses or Toy Story or whatever will be more entertaining. We'll see if the kids are on board next year.