Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Eve and Morn

The Santa Clara City Christmas Eve Program.
We went to this when I was a kid. Now I get to suffer through it as an adult.
We go for the Santa photo-op.
Chloe and Stella thought it was hilarious that Santa gave Fred a "boy Barbie". Somehow Santa must have known that Fred likes to join his sisters in their Barbie play and that two Ken dolls (one whose head won't stay on) for three kids and ten Barbies is not sufficient. Enough with the Bachelor scenarios.
Chloe still believes in Santa. She's not so sure about the flying reindeer. Deer that fly? It's just a little too absurd for her.
WARNING: The following images are an assault on the eyeballs. The varying colors and patterns may cause damage to your vision. Continue at your own risk.

I love this picture: the messy hair, crazy faces, sheet keeping the loot a surprise, etc.

Fred received a balance board. Stella only asked for a Pig in a Teacup and a CD player. Chloe also asked for a CD player and horse stuff.
Meme sent the kids dress ups and a giant jump rope. Fred LOVES his sword. He ties up his victims with the rope (mostly Grandpa on this trip) then chops them to pieces.
I also bought a Grand Stable online. I couldn't find any dimensions listed. They weren't kidding it is grand (huge). We bought cousin Ashton's horse collection to go with it.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Simple Christmas Wish

Katie: Fred, what do you want for Christmas?
Fred: A motorcycle.
Katie: Where did you see a motorcycle? (wondering if he had seen a kid riding a toy one.)
Fred: Just on the road when they drive fast by us.
Katie: Oh, but little boys can't drive those motorcycles.
Fred: I know, Dad will drive it and I will hold onto the bars--the handles..
Katie: The handle bars?
Fred: Yeah.

Hmm...does anyone in the St. George area have a motorcycle that we could borrow for a ride?
Also, do any of the people I know in the St. George area want to get together? We'll be here all next week. Call, fb, email, or comment.

Monday, December 20, 2010


Due to pregnancy I was not in the mood for Christmas celebrations. We did not do an advent calendar. We didn't put lights on the house. (I did put a strand of lights on a bush but never plugged it in. They're still there.) I didn't even want to get out the Christmas tree or decorations. The thought of cleaning up the house in order to get out a bunch of stuff that I would just have to put away in a few weeks was just too much for me. But we had guests coming so I thought I should try to make the house a little festive.
Here are the kids in their new pjs doing a very lovely job of decorating the tree. Fred is saying, "ooo afinity and deyon!"

Meme flew out for a visit and Val and Kate & co. drove up from SLC. We had a very busy week with projects at school, giving gifts to refugees and trying to figure out our gifts for our kids and other family. I'm afraid I was too tired to be a good hostess. We were trying to keep the pregnancy a surprise for Christmas but I don't think I was good at hiding it.
The only picture we took of their visit was this dinner of Omaha Steaks courtesy of Grammy and Pepe. (Thank you!)

The day after Dan's family left we loaded up the car and drove to Santa Clara to spend Christmas with my family.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Never Dull

One night before bed, Fred decided to march around wearing a knit hat and banging on a milk jug. Then he and Stella decided to play outside. In the snow. In the dark. They brought in snow to eat.
Then they dressed up and danced. (Stella really knows how to rock out.)

Saturday, November 13, 2010


We started the kids in gymnastics this summer. They all really love it. But Fred really loves it. Every day he asks if he has gymnastics. He cries when we take Chloe but it isn't his turn. And he gives thanks for it in his prayers.

Friday, November 05, 2010

Things That Go 'Bump' In The Night

Fred: ghost, Dan: zombie, Stella: mummy, Chloe: vampire, Katie: witch, old hag, Gypsy...

Chloe's eyes are gold because she is fed. (Twilight reference.)

We bought Chloe's costume at Walmart, necklace at Old Navy. She was trying to be Jane from Eclipse. I hot glued strips of fabric to Stella's shirt and leggings. I made Fred's cloak to wear over a pillowcase.
My Walmart nose wouldn't stay on but that is ok because I have a pointy nose of my own. My dress and shoes are from the DI. I died cheesecloth to go over it. The wig is Dan's mom's.
Dan ripped up old and thrifted clothes then rolled around in the dirt for added effect.

Here in Idaho they don't change holidays just because they are on Sunday. So we didn't let our kids go trick-or-treating on the sabbath. But they got plenty of candy at the trunk-or-treat at the church on Saturday and enjoyed handing out candy to kids that came by on Sunday.
We really enjoyed the haunted theme. I think I will do this every year. The kids can be whatever they want but it has to be a spooky version. I think the zombie version of Wizard of Oz or princesses or Toy Story or whatever will be more entertaining. We'll see if the kids are on board next year.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

She is Loved

Because we wanted to make it easier for family to come, we went ahead and did the unthinkable--we scheduled a private baptism. I did not know this was discouraged and, boy, did I have to jump through some hoops to make it happen.

We planned her baptism to coincide with Utah's fall break so the Utahan's could stay longer.

We had nine from southern Utah, one from northern Utah, three from southern Nevada, three from Maine and five from down the street!

The family:

The priesthood:
The cousins and siblings:
The grandparents:
The proud parents:
The sister but not the brother who was unwilling:
Chloe was baptised and confirmed by her dad. Uncle's Zach and Ben gave the talks, Meme and Grandma gave the prayers.
Since we conveniently planned this baptism the same day as stake conference we had to schedule it in the morning. So we served crepes afterward. Chloe's favorite.
We didn't want to throw a party but we did allow her to have the traditional pinata:
And here is the lovely cake that Rachel was supposed to make but I went ahead and gave it a try. And failed:
She was starting to feel sick by this time and was not entertained by the trick candles.

Friday, October 08, 2010


I can't believe I have an 8 year old.
And such a pretty one.
And smart.
And talented.

**Thanks brother Jordan for the photography, sister Rachel for doing her hair (since I don't know how to use a curling iron) and cousin Kristin for the invite design.**

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fall Soccer

Stella's soccer season was very painful to watch. They were slaughtered every game.

Chloe's started out badly but improved by the end. This was her first season playing with goalies. Each girl had to take a turn. She cried when she got scored on. She hates to fail.

Friday, September 03, 2010

1st Day of Preschool

I wanted to get a picture of Fred on his first day of preschool. He was not in the mood. So I tormented him by taking lots of pictures.
Stella came out to see what was going on. She was willing to pose.
But Fred didn't want that either.
Then I bribed him with a pear.
(In the second shot he is trying to show his backpack.)
Then he finished his pear (and even shared).

The end.

Monday, August 30, 2010

It was a cold morning. I made my girls endure without their jackets while we took pictures. Fred just assumed he was invited to be in the photo. His inside-out pants are an example of how he is trying to take control of his life.

I'm so glad we live close enough to bike. And I'm glad we live close enough to walk when they are grounded from their bikes.

There she goes. This is not emotional for me. (Did anyone think that it might be?)
Fred cried. Not because he loves his sisters so much and will miss them, but because he thinks he should be able to do everything they do. He really wanted to go to school.
All done.
(The quickest three hours of the day.)

Friday, August 20, 2010

Tuscany Triathlon

Some mothers in the neighborhood put together this triathlon for kids.
Chloe and her best friends, Ashley and Chloe V.
(Chloe, Stella, Fred)
(Kate & Fred)
(Kate & Fred)
(Stella, Dan, Chloe & Ashley)
The race was for ages four and up. Of course, Fred wanted in so I made him a number and did a shortened version of the race.
Only Stella cooperated for the photo. Fred really didn't want to pose.
(Fred, Stella, Kate, Annie, Chloe.)