Monday, September 08, 2008

Maine: Part 1

I have no idea how many parts there will be to our Maine trip but I'll start with our birthdays.
We celebrated Fred's, Dan's and my birthday while at the beach house. Thanks to Kristen we had pulled pork tacos and cupcakes for Fred. Dan got homemade sushi rolls with lobster, salmon and shrimp and chocolate cake for dessert. On my night we had a lobster bake and cheesecake. I guess it is the east coast's version of dutch oven. The lobsters were trapped nearby and delivered to the beach house the same day. It doesn't get any fresher than that.

Chloe trying a steamed clam. She liked it and had more:

Side note: Chloe is such a weird eater. I asked her what food she doesn't like: strawberries, oranges, wheat bread (or crust), green beans, peas, tacos, tomatoes, pineapple, raisins, corn, watermelon, pears, onions (most fruits and veggies), chicken (except in nugget form), hotdogs, ham, tomato sauce, hamburger, meatballs.
But she loves beans, avacados, sushi rolls (except the seaweed), rice, edemame, pasta w/out sauce, french fries, gyoza, cream of wheat, fried shrimp, lobster, clams (I think she liked dipping them in butter), AllBran cereal, jerky, pistachios, steamed broccoli (again because of butter), cherries, eggs (hard-boiled only).
I really don't like the meal planning and preparation part of motherhood.


Staci Leach said...

I wish my kids would eat the more elusive foods like Chloe. I can only make chicken so many ways! The easy stuff will come the older she gets, at least she is daring when it comes to trying new food!

Winnie said...

Yum. Maybe I should celebrate my birthday in Maine as well.

heat said...

Lucky! I would trade dutch oven for a lobster bake any day.

Sarah said...

first, i am jealous of the beach house in maine. awesome. love the pictures. looks like a total party.

next, food part of being a mom sucks. lincoln is the worst eater, but reminds me of stella a bit. the dude hates watermelon, but grapefruit (with no sugar) BRING IT ON! and can't stand hot dogs but the sauerkraut on top? oh yummy. he won't eat typical kids food at all, but chows on power bars and stuff... let me know if you ever figure out the mysteries, i can't.