Monday, August 31, 2009

August: Part 13: Other Stuff

I love these pictures because:
  • Bed-head.
  • Stella is feeding Fred and opening her mouth.
  • Fred is holding a bear with a pretty dress.

He always gets it wrong.

The first picture is of Fred wearing one of Dan's socks and a pair of mine (the match is wadded up in the heel) and Chloe's cleats on the wong feet. The second is when he insisted on wearing socks with his sandals. Another day he was wearing Stella's church shoes. We were heading out so I switched Stella's shoes for a pair of his. On the way Chloe informed me that he was wearing Stella's. He pulled a switch-a-roo on me. He got to go grocery shopping in maryjanes that day.

On the 31st (my birthday) the girls started school. I am teaching preschool with three other moms. I am very proud of myself since I am a lazy person. I actually enjoy it and get so much satisfaction out of not paying $100/month for preschool--not just saving money but the actual act of writing out a check and giving it to someone (on time).

First grade! And Chloe V. and Ashley are in her class!!!

We didn't do anything for my birthday and I didn't care--I was too worn out from the month. Thirteen posts to document four weeks. Well, it is done. August was eventful, to say the least--oh wait, I didn't say the least. I said a lot. In thirteen posts.

Even more pictures here.


Bonnie and Kirk said...

No wonder you were tired. What a busy month. I'll be in Idaho Sunday night. I can't wait. Let's hang.

Amy said...

I love that you are doing preschool. I think it is fun, if you have good moms. and thanks for reminding me, I need to get a picture of tyler with his backpack!