Wednesday, August 12, 2009

August: Part 6: Maine: Lake Ossipee Olympics

I think the highlight of our trip to Maine was the Lake Ossipee Olympics. It was so much fun because everyone was into it. It ended up being a multi-day event but nobody lost interest. Dan's family is really into exercising and there were some challenging events and intense competition. We decided to make it a decathlon, so here are the ten events:

1. Ping pong tournament.
Not just around the world--a full-on tournament with winner's & loser's brackets. (I won.)
Kate & Wayne (dad/pepe) staring each other down. 2. Hula Hoop.
Two weighted hula hoops. (I won.)
3. Weight throw. (Sam won.)
Dan's pop was a college hammer throw coach. He has been coaching Dan's mom. She won two gold medals at the Outdoor Master's Track and Field Nat'l Championships. She was the one to beat. Check out her form...

..then she hit a tree.
4. Ping pong toss. (Wayne won.)
It was supposed to be target shooting but we were out of pellets. Too bad. I think I would have done better with a gun. 5. Boggle (Scott won.)
We wanted to reward intelligence also.
6. Time trial. (Stu won.)
We biked a three mile loop starting 30 seconds apart.
7. Jump rope. (Kate won.)
Most jumps in 30 seconds.
8. Kayak rolls. (Val & Stu tied with nine.)
Most rolls in a minute. Since three people couldn't do this we were all required to take a zero in one event.
9. Swim. (Sam won.)
Dan's mom swam in college and is a swim coach. All his siblings were on the swim team. I took my zero in this event. There were some discrepancies about the standings since the time sheet for one wave went missing.10. Sculling. (Mardie won.)
Dan's mom does this for exercise so she had an advantage. I was really bad at it.
Scott (bro-in-law) was the overall winner but the scores were really close.

I love these picture because it shows how much fun we were having. All chores (and maybe sometimes the kids) were neglected. Rule is loser gets to come up with the next year's events. I can't wait.


kate said...

I wonder what Pepe will come up with.

LoGunns said...

I love this. Maybe this year I will jump in the Battle of the Belt.

Amy said...

super amazing idea- I dont know if my family woudl go for it. but maybe just maybe.

Ang said...

OH MY GOSH! This is so fun - I want to be a part of your family. Of course, I can't swim, or roll a kayak, or swing my hips.

idon'tremembereatingcorn said...