Monday, August 24, 2009

August: Part 12: Roadtrip: Olympic Nat'l Park: Sol Duc

Day 5: Hiked to Sol Duc Falls.
Drove through Seattle to a town I don't remember and stayed in a hotel.
Day 6: Drove home. Went out to eat for Dan's birthday.
Kids chillin' while we pack up the trailer.
The girls were complaining again about hiking. I told them the sooner we finished the hike the sooner we could head to the hotel and swim. So they ran.
I worried that they would fall off the bridge.

Sol Duc Falls.
I didn't realize when I mapped everything out that we would be taking a ferry.
It was very exciting. We also got to see a plane land on water in Seattle and had to wait for a bridge to split so ships could pass by.

I was afraid they would fall through that hole.
I'm very glad I got to see these parks. I'm not so sure that taking the tent trailer was much cheaper. Gas was a lot and campgrounds aren't that cheap. But it was fun!


Heath said...

WOW, that is the prettiest area. I can't believe the vibrant color of the green and I'm sure pictures don't do it justice. FUN.

Tresa Fowler said...

I've been following your trip through your posts the last few weeks and all I can say is you are one brave mom!
What memories for your kids! You are such a great mom.