Saturday, August 22, 2009

August: Part 11: Roadtrip: Olympic Nat'l Park: Kalaloch

Day 4: Played at the beach. Drove to the Hoh Rain Forest (in Olympic). Then drove to Sol
Duc (in Olympic--the park is HUGE!) via Forks.
A jellyfish?
The kids loved playing on all the drift wood.
The water was freezing! A lot colder than Maine. I didn't even like to put my feet in. But my kids are crazy and had a good time splashing around. One of the many times Fred fell in the water. There were signs warning about the riptides. I was afraid he would get swept away.
Fred entertained himself for a long time with feathers. My kids could play on the beach for hours.
I really wanted it to rain in the rain forest but it was sunny (rained the next day).

EVERY store in Forks is playing the Twilight card. If they don't sell Twilight junk then they post signs that read, "Bella shops here."

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