Sunday, August 02, 2009

August: Part 2: Maine: Beach House

Across the street from the beach house is what we call "The Rocky Beach". The kids love to climb on the rocks, play in the pools, hum to snails, and catch crabs. Dan's family, minus Ben (on a mission) and Valerie.
Sand and freckles.
Chloe was all about climbing on the rocks this year. Too bad she doesn't have an older cousin to keep up with her.
Chloe in 2006 & again with Stella in 2009.
Sal is totally working those glasses.
Kids love Rowe.
In the beach house.
Fred loves the iphone.
The guys were worried about the lobster--the pot was a little small.
Fred on Dad's lap at dinner time.
The carnage.
Chloe loved the muscles and continued to eat them long after everyone had left the table.


amy said...

I wish We did more seafood but it just smells so bad. But I really want my kids to like it!

rowena said...

beautiful pics.. i missed these./