Monday, April 20, 2009


When I hear Fred singing, “nee nah, nee nah”  (“clean up, clean up”), I can expect to find something like this:

DSC_0361  Panda Puffs and mangos.  (I put the cereal that was spilled on the counter back in the box because it is organic and expensive and tasty.)

Finally, it is warm.  I had to pick up all the hats and boots and coats and gloves that were scattered around the yard before I turned on the water. 


DSC_0382Stella, Annie, Chloe, Fred, Kate.

Fred helps himself to anything on the counter.  This happens so much you think I would learn my lesson. 

icecreamLicking the ice cream lid. 

icecream Eating ice cream with his hands.  “Where’s your nose?”  “Where’s your belly?”  “Say cheese!”


Kristin said...

Maybe next time leave carrot sticks and celery on the counter, see what happens!

Tresa Fowler said...

Fred, Fred, Fred! People who say this is a fun age either don't have kids yet or had little kids so long ago they have forgotten. I'm kidding! He's a cute busy bee! (In our house that's code for this kid has been into everything today and driving me nuts - your turn!)

PamNoyes said...

That is awesome! So is this before or after you put the hose on them?

amy said...

we have bbqed twice- but no sprinklers or pool yet-

Winnie said...

Oh Fredders, is there anything you can't turn into a ginormous mess for your mom?

Good thing he's so dang adorable.

Staci Leach said...

I so love this age! Taylar is just the same. if there is something to get in she does. And the Doors, oh the doors. Open, close, open, close. Fun times

Shayne said...

Maybe I'll have one more and make it a boy this time.