Saturday, April 18, 2009

Flashback Friday—City of Rocks

I love City of Rocks, ID.  It is a great place to camp with kids—plenty of rocks for them to scramble around and on.  (I’m just realizing this year might be difficult with Fred.)

IMG_2262 ed 

And lots of good climbing.  Easy, hard, trad, sport, right-off-the-road, or hike-in-approaches.  IMG_2281

Last time we went we had a babysitter come along but this year the Gunns are coming so Danika can tend the kids.  JUST KIDDING, DANIKA!!  We will never leave you alone with the kids.  I might try to get a babysitter again. 


Anyway, we are going again May 8th & 9th.  We would love to have more people come along.  So, will you come? 


Tresa Fowler said...

I've never heard of City of rocks. We'll have to check it out. Sorry not in May (we are 4-wheeling to Hole in the Rock). Looks like a great place for kids and a really great place for parents with kids who like to climb! Have fun; I know Fred will!

ChanellR said...

I guess this shows what an poor outdoorsman camper I am... but won't it be cold? Like freezin' cold?
I'm an all conditions comfortable kind of camper- kind of like camping in a hotel!...Any hotels nearby?

k8theriver said...

sorry, no hotels. it is in the middle of nowhere.
we have a tent trailer with a heater.

Kate said...

I'll get tickets today.

That sounds so fun, wish we could come.

amy said...

Busy season sucks- Ask Kyle, he usually beats dalls home and the store closes at 7- We want to go in June or memorial weekend.

LoGunns said...

I can't wait! It will be our last big event before the baby comes. And you know what a good babysitter I am:)

Heath said...

That sounds like SO much fun. My brother's wedding is the 9th...darn. I am absolutely itching to go somewhere.

Mom said...

I can't believe how much Fred looks like Stella in the picture of him on the tramp and in your backpack!!