Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Eve and Morn

The Santa Clara City Christmas Eve Program.
We went to this when I was a kid. Now I get to suffer through it as an adult.
We go for the Santa photo-op.
Chloe and Stella thought it was hilarious that Santa gave Fred a "boy Barbie". Somehow Santa must have known that Fred likes to join his sisters in their Barbie play and that two Ken dolls (one whose head won't stay on) for three kids and ten Barbies is not sufficient. Enough with the Bachelor scenarios.
Chloe still believes in Santa. She's not so sure about the flying reindeer. Deer that fly? It's just a little too absurd for her.
WARNING: The following images are an assault on the eyeballs. The varying colors and patterns may cause damage to your vision. Continue at your own risk.

I love this picture: the messy hair, crazy faces, sheet keeping the loot a surprise, etc.

Fred received a balance board. Stella only asked for a Pig in a Teacup and a CD player. Chloe also asked for a CD player and horse stuff.
Meme sent the kids dress ups and a giant jump rope. Fred LOVES his sword. He ties up his victims with the rope (mostly Grandpa on this trip) then chops them to pieces.
I also bought a Grand Stable online. I couldn't find any dimensions listed. They weren't kidding it is grand (huge). We bought cousin Ashton's horse collection to go with it.

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