Saturday, November 13, 2010


We started the kids in gymnastics this summer. They all really love it. But Fred really loves it. Every day he asks if he has gymnastics. He cries when we take Chloe but it isn't his turn. And he gives thanks for it in his prayers.


menede said...

Katie:Just saw Fearless Fred (off) bike ramp, Had GrammyAngie watch, and after a few few screams & recollections of watching Dan(look in Facebook for memories comment)praised him for his courageous redo.You will receive delivery of Omaha Steaks around the 16th?17th.Happy Thanksgiving.We wish we could be with you every day of the year.Love & Kisses to all.
Grammy & Pepe LaRiviere (Keep in touch)

Winnie said...

I LOVE tot gymnastics! He will be doing a giant in no time.

rowena said...

syd loves watching this. fred is super strong. Syd gives thanks for gymnastics in his prayers too. I would not have started him yet if it were not for you! thanks