Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Simple Christmas Wish

Katie: Fred, what do you want for Christmas?
Fred: A motorcycle.
Katie: Where did you see a motorcycle? (wondering if he had seen a kid riding a toy one.)
Fred: Just on the road when they drive fast by us.
Katie: Oh, but little boys can't drive those motorcycles.
Fred: I know, Dad will drive it and I will hold onto the bars--the handles..
Katie: The handle bars?
Fred: Yeah.

Hmm...does anyone in the St. George area have a motorcycle that we could borrow for a ride?
Also, do any of the people I know in the St. George area want to get together? We'll be here all next week. Call, fb, email, or comment.


Amy B said...

yeah- are you driving through ...we want to see you and go skiing for a day!

heat said...

The week after Christmas? Chia said you are probably coming so let's all have dinner or do something cool.