Monday, December 20, 2010


Due to pregnancy I was not in the mood for Christmas celebrations. We did not do an advent calendar. We didn't put lights on the house. (I did put a strand of lights on a bush but never plugged it in. They're still there.) I didn't even want to get out the Christmas tree or decorations. The thought of cleaning up the house in order to get out a bunch of stuff that I would just have to put away in a few weeks was just too much for me. But we had guests coming so I thought I should try to make the house a little festive.
Here are the kids in their new pjs doing a very lovely job of decorating the tree. Fred is saying, "ooo afinity and deyon!"

Meme flew out for a visit and Val and Kate & co. drove up from SLC. We had a very busy week with projects at school, giving gifts to refugees and trying to figure out our gifts for our kids and other family. I'm afraid I was too tired to be a good hostess. We were trying to keep the pregnancy a surprise for Christmas but I don't think I was good at hiding it.
The only picture we took of their visit was this dinner of Omaha Steaks courtesy of Grammy and Pepe. (Thank you!)

The day after Dan's family left we loaded up the car and drove to Santa Clara to spend Christmas with my family.


Bonnie and Kirk said...

Isn't it amazing how something smaller than a peanut can drain you of all energy and motivation! I hope you get your second wind soon!

kate said...

Katie, you weren't a bad hostess at all, and I thought your house looked very festive.

Amy B said...

I cant imagine being prego and do all that stuff with three other kids. Rotten! I have a hard enough time getting out christmas every year and I am not pregnant!

Winnie said...

You're pregnant!? Congratulations! I hope all is well and that you will have your energy back soon

rowena said...

Oh man I can just feel your pain. At least you are blogging. I think I stopped blogging when I got pregnant because whenever Syd was sleeping I wanted to be too. Oh so so tiring. I can't bring my self to so anything. Though I did so much travelling when Lyon was in my tummy that I felt like I spent a good amount of my pregnancy recovering from trips!!! Must be so hard with Three little ones. Oh, Syd does exactly the same thing as Fred. Jumping and yelling infinity and beyound