Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New Year

Dan's family flew back to Maine the day after Christmas and the day after that I drove to SLC on snowy roads. Seven hours. With three kids. We got to see Kate and Scott briefly, stayed at the Ball's residence (thanks!) and got to see friends and neighbors in our old ward. When Chloe walked into primary (late) all the kids yelled, "Chloe!" It made me feel really sad because we took her away from a neighborhood packed with great kids to play with. I really like our current ward but it is spread out and there aren't that many kids near us. Anyway, then we drove down to St. George.
My visit there was pretty typical. Eating out with Rachel. Lots of sports on t.v. Sister missionaries over for dinner. Not seeing much of Chloe. And not sleeping much. Fred was sick one night (thanks mom, for helping with that). I was sick one night. And Fred was teething one night. I spent much of my time following behind Fred and taking things away from him. I missed having safety latches on all the drawers. He climbed out of his crib one day and got into: deoderant, mascara, lip gloss, chapstick, toothpaste and pink marker. In less than five minutes.
My mom wanted a picture of all her kids since we were all together. Here we are:

Zach-baby, Rachel-3rd, Sam-1st, Dad- old, Mom- 20 days older than old, Jordan-5th, Me-4th, Nate-2nd

My sister thinks she looks fat. I think she looks good--it is the belly bag under her shirt that makes her look fat. I, on the other hand, look five months pregnant. If I were a celebrity the tabloids would be going crazy.

Here are the grandkids:

I won't try to name them. It would be too hard to follow.

On the way back we stayed at the Balls' house again. Dan met us there and we got to go up to Solitude. And since our ward starts at 3:00 we had plenty of time to drive the rest of the way Sunday morning.


kate said...

I can't believe Fred can get out of his crib! I hope Sal doesn't figure that out.

Carrie said...

What?! I missed your visit? I didn't see you at church! Drat!
ok, your five months preg is my normal. I'll trade you!

Leslie said...

It was SO great to see you again, even for just a few minutes at church. You didn't seem like a visitor---you'll always be a part of our ward/neighborhood family. Come home anytime! It was fun to catch up on all your comings and goings! Miss you!

rowena said...

fred is such a dude...and he is beautiful!! He suits his name so much. I can't wait for he and Sid to hang out again. We are going to name another boy Oscar. what do you think?