Monday, January 12, 2009


1. Chloe asked for a Hannah Montana Guitar. I asked, "A real guitar that you can play?" "No, just a fake one so I can dance around and pretend I'm Hannah Montana." "But Hannah Montana doesn't play a Hannah Montana guitar; she plays a real one." "I know, but I just want a pretend one." The other thing she asked for was a big, plastic, pastel vanity that she saw in Walmart. I did not want her to brush her hair and apply makeup and jewelry in front of a mirror, so she got the guitar.

2. Fred's rocker face.

3. Stella asked Santa for a Barbie last year. Until I heard her say it, I had no idea she wanted one. This year we had not talked about our Christmas desires before visiting Santa and to his "What do you want?" question she replied, "A Barbie." We have plenty of Barbies and they aren't her favorite, I think that is just her under pressure response. So I didn't get her one but realized as we were setting out the presents on Christmas eve that I should probably have gotten her the one thing she asked for. Luckily, the guitar came with a Hannah Montana doll. So we just took it all out of the packaging and split it up.

4. Every boy should have a spring horse.

5. The horse can support 60 lbs. Chloe will be able to ride it until about 5th grade.

6. Fred loves the car I got for the girls. He wanted to take it for a drive.

7. The girls got a doll house. Stella is wearing the dress-up Meme gave her--her favorite gift.

Dan got a subscription to And I got a necklace, books, a game... It was a good day.


ChanellR said...

Sorry about the Pottery Barn comment at your house on Sunday. Felt bad about that for awhile. If Chloe asks about it- just tell her Chanell is crazy and doesn't know what she's saying. She's a smart girl and will believe that.
Thanks for dinner- it was yummy.

amy said...

nice posts- Tyler loved them