Monday, April 28, 2008

Swim Fans

We had a really good weekend. We try to make the most of them since Dan works in Boise during the week. Friday night Sarah and Wendy (highschool friends) and their families came over for pizza, Jones Soda and ice cream. We're really lame for not getting together more often.
Saturday we took the kids swimming. They all love the water. (This pool is really warm.) Dan is getting a head-start on mustache May:

Saturday night we went to the Stanley residence to celebrate Jared's bday with a bbq and cake. Chia was there and so was TKL.
Sunday was stake conference and finally warm. I'm ready for it to stay that way.


Carrie said...

That looks like the kids loved it. My poor kids don't get to go swimming very often. James refuses to swim in public pools, and I refuse to take 4 kids by myself.

bunkerfamily said...

Looks like you have a bunch of fishes Dan included. You have such a Fun Family you guys are always doing something!
Have a Great Night!

Kristin said...

Looks like fun, we have been doing swim lessons the last 2 weeks, colby's finally ready to go swim forreal! Freds lip looks much better!!

Raelyn said...

Katie Katrina the Cross Eyed Ballerina! I am so excited to find your blog. I have wanted to stop by your parents home and get your email, phone number or address for so long, but when I get out there we always get so busy having fun that I forget to do it. How are you doing? Your blog looks great and you have beautiful kids and a cute husband. Send me an email and lets catch up with each other. Raelyn (Goodwin) Pollock

Amy said...

where is this pool- we are wanting to do a family reunion at a fun pool for kids

we really want to do it outdoors though