Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Fred's New Trick

Dan started his job in Boise yesterday. I'm going to try to post pictures more often so he can see what we are doing.

Fred pulls himself up on everything. Whenever we set him on the floor he cruises over to the stairs. Today I looked up from mopping and found him like this:

Immediately after the click of the camera (i guess that's why it's blurry) he fell back and hit his head on the rail then fell forward, headfirst, onto the wood floor. The camera is very distracting.

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Heath said...

I remember those days in the multi-level...kids learn to do stairs so quickly. They also have many bonks along the way. Luckily there isn't a full flight for them to tumble down. He is adorable...of course. He has a look like Chloe and Stella but very boyish charm:)