Monday, March 31, 2008


I think I'm recovered enough to post. It was a whirlwind week. Have you ever had to get your house ready to sell? Did you have to do it in a week? With a baby that is teething and not sleeping through the night and a toddler that is afraid of monsters and wakes up from bad dreams? A queen bed is not big enough for a family of 5.

It sucked!

All those little things that we meant to repair turned out to be a LOT! Thank you Jordan for the yard work. Thank you Sarah for the cleaning. Thank you mom and dad for sacrificing your Easter weekend to slave away at our house. Thank you friends and neighbors for watching the girls. We may just stay in Boise for the rest of our lives to avoid going through this again.

Dan starts his job on the 7th. We won't buy a home until ours sells. Dan will come home on weekends. I don't know how I will manage being a single mom in a house that has to stay spotless. I may spend lots of time in Santa Clara. (This is where we are currently.) Dan stayed in Lehi to continue working on the house.

We went to a birthday party for my Grammy (84 yrs.) on Saturday. This is a picture of all her great-grandkids:


Kristin said...

Hey could you send me your original of that pic, I was to far away from my camera when they took this and I would love a copy.
my email is

Carrie said...

I'm still in denial about you guys moving. Let me know how I can help.

Chanell Reichner said...

Anytime you ccme up here, you are welcome to stay at our house. Or you and Dan can stay at a hotel and you can leave your kids here. Good Luck with keeping the house clean. That sucks.

LoGunns said...

You could come hang out with us too if you want. We're closer to Idaho

Heath said...

Oh my, I am so glad you came across my blog. So, you're moving too? We'll be going back down around the point in about a year. I agree with you...I never want to move again. It is just about the worst thing, especially with the more kids you have. (each child = X10) I'll add you to my links so we can stay in touch. Fred is so cute. All of your kids are. Chloe has turned into a beauty!


bunkerfamily said...

Hey I finally found your blog!
My kids want to have a slumber party with your girls maybe that will give you a liitle sleep. I'm serious!
Call me. By the way you have a darling family! Those pictures are soooooo CUTE!
Love ya,

Cyndi Rella said...

The fair is Thurs. Fri. and Sat. this week and your kids would love it. Plus there is carnival rides. So come visit anytime.