Monday, March 03, 2008

Gettin' Physical

Dan and I are signed up for the Moab half-marathon on Saturday. I haven't trained so well. It is hard when the ground is covered in snow. Only 2 kids fit in the stroller. So Dan bought a used treadmill. It is still hard to train. I try bribing the girls to be good until I'm done. Bribery doesn't work for Fred. It was warm enough to run outside last week so I took Stella and Fred in the stroller and Chloe and her friend rode their bikes behind. We did 3 miles. With lots of stops for drinks. Stella and Fred slept.

Here are the longest distances I've run:
2006--10k (in an olympic distance triathlon)
Last Saturday--5.5 miles

Other than that I've never run more than 3 miles (to train for sprint distance triathlons).

So, any guess on how I'll do in Moab?

The treadmill gets a little use.


daisy said...

Treadmills are not easy. But that is how Kate got to be so good at doing puzzles. I would be running and she would as ask me to help her. I told her that I would help her when I was done. Well, she got tired of waiting and started doing them herself.

Good luck on Saturday!

Kristin said...

Katie you kids are too dang cute. At least your kids know how a treadmill works, my kids think my treadmill is just a clothes hanger!!

Kristin said...

Hey do you have grammy's e-mail? Dick gave it to me but it dosn't work. I usually send out an e-mail to my folks and inlaws every so often with the link to my blog so they can just check it when they get the e-mails. Otherwise they would never look at it. Maybe you could do that with gram. She would probally love to know how to print pics off of our blogs too.

amy said...

well, kids learn from watching their parents- so stella must have seen some good running- thanks for pointing her in the right direction though

Cyndi Rella said...

Knowing you, you'll do awesome. Plus, don't most people train for marathons running only 5 miles before?
p.s. my girls miss your girls.

Erica said...

Katie you'll do awesome!

You have the happiest kids...I love it!

LoGunns said...

You'll do great I'm sure. you did'n't have ot buy a treadmill to practice just run in place. It works for your kids.