Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Boise Pros & Cons

#1 pro: Dan will like his job better. He'll have to explain the new jobby-job.

#1 con: Leaving family. Even in Lehi we were the farthest away from my family but we got an occasional, "hey, we're coming up for....can we stay at your house?" We won't get that in Boise. Chloe LOVES playing with her cousins. Now we'll be the novelty cousins. The ones that only come around a couple times a year and miss out on everything else.

And I'm sad to leave my little brothers. Up until I graduated from highschool I spent a lot of time with Jordan & Zach. But then I went on a mission, away to college and then got married and haven't returned to Santa Clara. I wasn't around for their highschool years. I didn't know their friends or see them go to prom. I felt like I was missing out. But since Jordan has been living in Provo we see him frequently. He'll stop by and bring a friend over occasionally. And I'm sure if he got a girlfriend I would meet her. He could get married while we are still living in Idaho. And Zach will be home from his mission this summer and we won't get to see him much.

I'm usually the last to find out about things related to my family. I'm sure it will only get worse with fewer visits. Even if I could manage the kids alone on a 9 hour drive, I don't think I want to spend that much in gas very frequently.
Also, we get to see Dan's sister everytime they come to SLC to visit her in-laws. We'll miss that.

more pros and cons to come.


liz s said...

the thing is, when family does come up to visit, they'll be there to visit you. Not to do such and such and just need a place to stay. you'll be the focus.

k8theriver said...

yes, but getting them there will be the tricky part.

Chanell Reichner said...

This is when the Southwest $49.00 flight comes into play for Jordan or Zach or your mom. It does suck living away from family. But with both of us up here we can start lobbying to get the Lang family reunion in Boise :) Make sure you get a big driveway to park the rv's.

Cyndi Rella said...

WE are definitely the last one to know things. (We'll have to remember to keep you posted whenever we DO hear things. Like Grammy's party. Have you heard?)

Pros for us: A new place to visit.
Cons for us: Nate doesn't like to drive farther than 5 1/2 hours. That takes us to south to San Diego and north to Lehi.

Those occasional trips to Utah made it even more worth it because you guys were there.

amy said...

well we decided that my sister lives in Seattle so we plan on driving up to visit her, Boise is on the way, I am pretty sure. so ... moving stinks but it was good too. It just stinks initially- It will get better up there. We always moved and then had to come back to utah after a couple years because my mom needed her family so who knows how it will go-

Our moves were- utah, texas, utah, michigan, utah, guam, utah, virginia, utah- so it could happen, you guys are already- utah, was it new hampshire or maine, utah and now idaho.... utah is next

Anonymous said...

Is this the same Katie talking
that tied Jordan's shoelaces together while asleep in church and then laughed when he stood up and tripped? I told Jordan and Zach that when she got home from her mission I was going to have them hiding behind a door and when she came in attack and torture her! Seriously, Katie has made up for anything mean she might have done to her brothers when they were young. She has been so supportive of Zach and Jordan while serving their missions by writing to them and sending them packages. And now that Jordan is a poor college student she invites him up for dinner whenever he can come. The only thing I have had a hard time forgiving her for is teaching Jordan to shop at the DI!!! I am not even going to get into how much I am going to miss all of them or I will start crying and I can't do that because I am at work. I will save it for later. I LOVE YOU!!!! Mom

Kate said...

awww... you'll miss us too? That makes me feel so good. I'll come visit you in Boise.