Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Fred and Sid were both born on the 15th---three months apart. Sid is younger but a bit bigger I think. Sid is chubby and squishy. Just like a baby should be. I hope they will be best friends (even though Sid dresses a little different sometimes). We really enjoyed their visit. Wish we could see them more. Instead we're putting even more distance between us. More photos from their visit here.

Fred is 7 months now. He's crawling and trying to go up the stairs. And finally tolerating my diet better.


idon'tremembereatingcorn said...

Sid is a lot longer than Fred. With his leg pulled out in that photo, you notice it a lot. We had a great time as well. I guess we'll see guys this summer.

Carrie said...

He's crawling?! Ava is not, thank goodness! She can stay put, that's fine with me. Cute chubby boys!