Saturday, March 21, 2009

Flashback Friday

I really want to blog more.  Just for us.  To look back on.  I just keep getting behind and then I don’t know where to start. 
I’m flashing back to last Saturday.  It was a busy day.  Dan had a primary teacher meeting at 9 then I took the girls to the church for a primary activity.  Fred went right to Dan and rested his head on Dan’s shoulder.  He wouldn’t come to me.  So I left him.  I went back for him about 30 minutes later and he still wouldn’t come to me.  He even pushed me away.  He’s not usually such a daddy’s boy but I was glad because I got to go grocery shopping by myself.
After primary the girls had lunch and then went to a birthday party from 1-3.  I cleaned.  Fred napped.  Dan worked and put up shelves in the office. (I’ll post pictures later.  When I get back from spring break in St. George.) 
Then we took the girls skiing.  This is the first time we had gone with them since their ski lessons.  It was really fun.  Since Chloe learned to get on and off the lift by herself I was able to snowboard.  She is really good at turning  and stopping.  Stella is really good at going fast.  She didn’t want to go slow.  But we were afraid she would wreck so we kept yelling, “pizza!” (snow plow).  Then Chloe tried snowboarding.  We got home at 9:30.  Good day. IMGP0022IMGP0039


Bonnie and Kirk said...

Is that Dan skiing backwards?? I'm so impressed-that is talent. Good job Chloe and Stella!!

Mark and Kim said...

Wow. Chloe did way better than I (Kim) did my first time. I think it took me 3 days to just turn my board parallel to the slope and stop doing the "floating leaf".

Em-Cat said...

K8 - You've won an award of awesomeness. Come to my place to check it out.

P.S. I miss snowboarding so much. Your kids are pretty cool.

Em-Cat said...

By the way...I just watched the video of the girls skiing and Chloe snowboarding. It took me like 2 years to get it down. She's awesome!

Heath said...

So, we were going to start Talmage this year (he's almost 5 for heaven's sake) but he is the BIGGEST WUSS PUSS. Seriously, he begins to bawl if he has a hang nail. We came to the conclusion that the cost/benefit ratio just wasn't in our favor for lessons.

I can't wait until my fam is at the stage your's is in. I loved watching your videos...what a cute bunch.