Monday, March 02, 2009

Playroom cont.


I’m posting more than anyone cares to know about our playroom.  It is my favorite room.  When we moved in the ENTIRE house was painted that peachy tan color with a darker tan trim (see previous post).  We had all the doors and trim painted white and most of the house painted this light bluish color.  I meant for it to be gray and I don’t love it in the rest of the house but I really like it in the playroom.  I love having a playroom.  Upstairs.  With a door.  99.9% of the toys we own are in this room.  Everything is organized, as you will see.  DSC_0012 

I know the ‘keep calm’ poster is way over-done.  Does it make a difference that I bought it years ago from England before they were mass produced in the states in every color?  Well, I still like it enough to keep it up and I think it is perfect for a playroom.  The other two prints are from etsy.  DSC_0009ed

We had a large map hanging above the table and chairs but Fred kept pulling it down.  DSC_0008ed

I think the previous owners used this as a bedroom.  This alcove had been framed into a closet.  We ripped it out. 
I used to get so nervous when the kids came near me while I was running on the treadmill.  It also keeps them from playing on it.  DSC_0007 ed

Dan always complains that we have too many toys.  I have snuck out quite a few toys since the move.  For my own satisfaction of being organized I’m going to list all the toys.  (skip this part.)

  1. Doll Clothes and accessories
  2. dolls
  3. cars & trucks
  4. dolls
  5. videos, dvds
  6. stuffed animals
  7. random toys like Gumby (4 of these drawers used to be for random toys)
  8. stuffed animals
  9. wood puzzles

More toys

  1. train
  2. Mr.. & Mrs.. potato head
  3. puzzles, activity books, leapfrog
  4. magnetix
  5. horses and ponies
  6. wood & marbles building toy
  7. lincoln logs
  8. musical instruments
  9. small dolls like polly pockets, princesses
  10. legos
  11. wood blocks
  12. barbies
  13. dr./vet and small animals
  14. little people
  15. wood blocks


Kids love this trampoline.DSC_0029 
The girls always lay the futon down because they like it to be their stage.DSC_0016 

Fred actually brought that leotard to me to put on him.  Chloe added the skirt. DSC_0004

The girl’s room is basically done.  I hung up all the art I have been collecting.  I’m not sure about it.  So I’m going to think about it for a bit.  I’ll post pictures of it soon.  The next room I’ll tackle will be my…don’t know what to call it.  Not an office because I don’t work in there.  Not a craft room because I don’t craft.  My computer/storage room.   This is going to take a lot of organization.  And some help from Dan to install some shelves.  Hopefully he’ll find some time soon.


ChanellR said...

Wow- it looks GREAT! I can't wait for my girls to come over and destroy it. I'll print out the number coded pictures so that I can make sure everything gets put back in the right spot.
I'm super jelous of that room and super jelous of the DOOR.
p.s. real men were leotards. :) Fred is lookin' good.
And oh ya- we are really gone for 2 1/2 weeks. ugh.

LoGunns said...

Perfect! I love the organization

Carrie said...

I WISH we had a playroom! Everything is in the kids room, and it's a disaster. Hopefully we'll finish the rest of our basement and get a playroom. We have to finish the Man Palace first. Fred looks manly, and it's was great to see you guys on Sunday. Come around more often, or better yet, just move back. :)

Tresa Fowler said...

What lucky kids (and one lucky mom) to have all the toys in one place and so organized (I'd like to see an 'after' picture in about six months!). Looks like a great, kid-friendly space that will be used often. PS - Fred looks great!

ferardandy said...

so cute, i'm jealous you have a playroom, we only have one kid and i can't keep up with the mess.

Staci Leach said...

Looks Great! I'd call the you room, the Leave me alone Room, or the No kids allowed Room. I'd like one of those! I can come up with more if you like!

PamNoyes said...

I wish I had your abilities! You could totally go into business organizing and designing. Love it

k8theriver said...

this room gets thrashed all the time. i try to only let them get one thing out at a time but it usually snowballs. my girls have taken on my ocd when cleaning up. they know not to put a polly pocket in with the legos.

Shana said...

Hey, I found your link through a comment you left on Tennille's blog. Your playroom is amazing. If you can keep it looking like that please let me know how. Ours is always thrashed! I finally started a blog as well. Take a peak if you want.

Heath said...

I don't even know what to say, I love it THAT much...where to begin? Love the futon, love the organization technique, love the pictures, love the colors. Come do my house too.

Em-Cat said...

It looks awesome. I'm going to hire you to come down and decorate for me when we get a house.

daisy said...

Looks like the perfect room. I love all the colors. I like how you took out the closet. Is that the bike you are going to sell me?

rowena said...

playroom looks amazing. i am very envious. can't wait to see the rest of the rooms