Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Flashback Friday

Since we'll be gone this weekend (Disneyland!) I'm doing the flashback early.

This is 5 years ago. Chloe slept in our bed for a year. She was a bed hog. We changed our ways with Stella and Fred. We trained Stella to go to sleep on her own. It was so awesome 99% of the time. But she could only sleep alone. This made plane rides and hotel stays miserable. Fred is also a good sleeper. We are hoping Fred does well this weekend. He takes two naps and sleeps from 7:30-7:30. Both Stella and Fred had/have pacifiers and comfort objects. I am not good at keeping a schedule. When I notice that Fred is grumpy I lay him down. But sometimes he is tired without being grumpy and then he goes to his crib and gets his pacifier and horse himself. Those signs are easiest to read. (Side note: all my kids have hummed while sucking on their binkies.)
Also in the above picture is my blankie. Dan was jealous of it for years so I finally got rid of it when we moved to Idaho. I miss it. It kept me warm. I'll have to make a new one.


Bonnie and Kirk said...

It looks like our house. Musical beds every night. Someday I want a King size so we can all fit. Have fun at Disneyland. I'm jealous.

Em-Cat said...

I'm not even going to ask if you're going to come visit me while you're here. Even though I live like 10 miles from Disneyland - I'm sure it would be too tough to pull those kids away. I'd come visit you if I could,'s orders...sigh.

Gina DeMarco said...

Have fun in Disneyland! We want to go soon. We will give you a call to we can all the good tricks and good eating places! Love the picture!

Staci Leach said...

I think all of us from the Goodrich clan are blankie people. We all got them from Gram and I think most of us make them too! Missed you at the sleepover!

Heath said...

Happy Disneyland.

You're almost falling off the bed! Talmage NEVER slept in our bed...Lachlan wakes up at 5:45 but will sleep a bit more if we let him 'in'. Darn sleep habits. I love your, those are great memories!