Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Potty Time

Anyone want a free trip to Boise? All you have to do is potty-train Stella. I think she might have peeing under control but I still don't dare test her at night or at preschool. She is not a fan of duking on the pot. My mom called me last night with an idea she read in a book. You are supposed to lead the kid to come up with the solution. Something like this:

Stella, is Fred a big boy or a baby?
Is he very good at feeding himself?
No, he makes a mess. And he has to sleep in a crib. Is he good at talking?
Can he ride a bike?
No (laughing)
What would happen if we didn't put diapers on him?
He would pee and poo all over.
Yeah. Gross. What about you? Are you a big girl or a baby?
Big girl.
Yeah, you can ride a bike and....(talk about all the big girl things she can do). And what would you do if I didn't put a diaper on you.
Go in the potty.

Then I explained how diapers are expensive and I don't like to buy them and I ask her what she thinks we should do to solve this problem. It is the ol' missionary resolving doubts tactic. She is more likely to go along with the solution if it is her own. In the story my mom told me the little girl said, "I could stop using diapers and start peeing in the potty." Stella's solution to my problem? "Make Dad buy them."


shana said...

O.k. that is funny. Isn't that frustrating when you can reason with them and talk about the whole potty thing, but they just don't do it! Good Luck, I'm still working on my dog, I can't even think about Cambree yet, even though she tells me every time she pees or poops in her diaper. She's probably ready--I just don't know if I am!

LoGunns said...

That is funny! you really need to call me. my nephew had a really really hard time with the poop in the potty and the docotr told them how to solve it. It is too long to write. plus we need to plan out when you're going to come down and clean the sink at Angie's.

liz stanley said...

ha! she's a smart one, that stella

amy said...

still laughing!

money bags dan- even she knows it!

Heath said...

Seriously? That is too funny. I'll come up. I make them eat chips and juice all day so that the pee is literally coming out of their eyes by then. We hang in the kitchen for the day and do nothing but PEE. Dukies are differnt...but I don't have a solution on that one. Talmage was dukie potty trained at 2 and then it took him another year and a half to get the pee pee part mastered.

heat said...

Stella rocks. That's how I get Asa to do things too (make him think it was his idea). Most people call it stubborn but I like to call it determined.

Carrie said...

I'm right there with ya. Jimmy is working on it. Some days are great, some days we haven't got a prayer (yesterday).
I've gone through it twice before, and I have no good advice on how to do it. It just seems to happen when it happens (for us anyway). :/

Melissa said...

That picture is so cute - you and Dan make adorable kids! I hate potty training and I feel your pain. I have to say, I like Stella's solution. That is what Dad's do right - pay for stuff that mom can't afford? Too funny!

Leslie said...

You take the most amazing pictures! She'll love hearing that story her whole life!

Winnie said...

Ah Stella, I can see her future as an economist.

I hate potty training, it is by far the worst thing that a mom has to do.

Jordan Goodrich said...

This Picture is really really cute.. and cool