Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I asked Chloe to list six things she likes:
  1. soccer

  2. art projects

  3. racing bikes

  4. gymnastics

  5. listening to my cd's

  6. playing on the computer

Six things I like about Chloe:

  1. She's pretty obedient (responds to threats).

  2. She is determined. She gets frustrated easily but doesn't give up. She'll keep trying something until she can do it.

  3. She likes giving hugs and kisses.

  4. She is smart.

  5. She is good at reaching her goals (or the goals I set for her).

  6. She's potty trained.

Chloe found a furry caterpillar a month ago and was the most caring, interested master for one whole day until the caterpillar wrapped himself in a cacoon and never withdrew. Watching her with the caterpillar gave me the idea for her birthday present.

Chloe is not creative when it comes to giving names. If it is black, Blackie. Brown, is Brownie. She came up with Cutie for this cat. Because it is cute, duh. I know she can do better than that.

We've failed multiple times with dogs. Maybe we'll do better with a cat. Wish Cutie luck.

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ChanellR said...

If my girls didn't already think your house was the coolest house in the world- adding "Cutie" has taken it to a whole new level. I hope that she survives all the kids! It was "cute" how excited Chloe was- maybe if you want to make her name a little more exotic you could spell cutie- "Chutie" like Chloe. But I guess that just looks like Shoot-ie- never mind.

liz stanley said...

that party looks so awesome!

heat said...

You are so creative with all the party ideas. Chloe is lucky to have such a cool mom.
I used to love cats until I slept at a cat lovers house while on vacation and the cats peed all over my bed and gave everyone else ringworm. I'm slowly warming up to felines again. Remember when you got a cat from my parents?

ferardandy said...

oh man, why didn't you just take our cat??? we would have loved to give chloe a birthday present. those invitations are awesome!

Great Grammy & Pepe LaRiviere said...

Love your keeping us up-to-date on Our Idaho family.Pepe has been calling his Girls "Cutie"since their births.He hopes that they won't mind his continuing to call them by that endearing term?
Love Ya'll(so whats new)& look forward to seeing ya'll in person,whenever possible.
Great Grammy & Pepe LaRiviere(MA)