Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Almost ready for a mini-van

I'm finally a soccer mom. I'm very happy about that because it means my kids are getting old enough to actually do things. People always tell us to enjoy them now because they grow up so fast. Well, that was our plan. We had three kids pretty close together--the sooner you get 'em out the sooner they grow up. I love my babies. One year olds, especially (Fred is so stinkin' cute). But around age three they start to get more difficult, not so innocent. Then we just want them to grow up a little so we can start going on fun family outings--skiing, climbing, etc. We're getting closer.


shana said...

Is that Stella? You are making me feel better, Tony thought I was nuts to put Ally in soccer and she is 5 1/2. I love it when the ball is almost as big as they are! So cute!

amy said...

seriously katie- you are the coolest mom- I need a little more of you to make me a more balanced mom!!!

I love that your whole family is sitting on the side lines- I dont know if Dalls will make it many of the kids things- He says he can but we will see what work allows when that comes around

Staci Leach said...

I always knew you would have coodrdinated kids. Me on the other hand...not so much. I think if I put my kids in soccer the would end up with black eyes, Probably from their own feet! I'll just watch yours, thanks!