Monday, July 07, 2008

That's a Reh-kurd!


Carrie said...

Way to go Fred!!
Um yeah, Ava hasn't even started crawling yet. I figure she's going to learn to crawl, walk, and talk all in the same week. :)

LoGunns said...

Go Fred!

Angieray said...

Dear Family:The Re-kurd is Fab-ulous.If Fred accomplished this on the 7th, He did it on Pepe-Ray's 81st birthday.If he perfected this on
the 9th,He did it on Pepe Wayne's
56th B,day.If He progresses generationally,watch out Bill Gates.Grammy & I wish we were closer geographically?Please continue keeping us informed.
Love Ya'll.
GreatGramm & not so great.Grand Pepe

rowena said...

FRED IS the best. OWWWW. so scrumptious. wow, what an advanced kid. SIMPLY CAN not wait to meet you at the beach house. Tell me the dates exactly. we are going to bring a tent to put up in the yard if that is ok.