Wednesday, July 09, 2008

4th of Julio

Dan had to do some business in SLC so we all went down. As we were driving we called up Jared and asked if we could do whatever they were doing for the holiday. When we pulled into town around 8:00 they had a bbq and cupcakes all ready for us. Then we set off fireworks with their neighbors. And when it got late and we still hadn't left they invited us to stay overnight. You guys are the best!
The next night we stayed at the Ball's residence and they threw us a bbq too! We got to enjoy their new patio. Thanks guys.
We would really love to be the hosts. SO COME VISIT! We'll take you kayaking. Or we'll tend your kids while you do whatever you want. Take out a small loan to pay for the fuel. It will be worth it.


Cyndi Rella said...

Is that invitation for family too? We'd love to spend all of our school clothes money on a trip to Idaho.

liz s said...

it was so fun to hang with you guys. it was so nice to have kids to entertain hank. he gets sick of me

rowena said...

oh this is a message for dan. torah's website needs work...a make over.
Do you still have time/want to do it.. I think a year ago you offered...she did not want to quite with the people she was with, but now she does

jared said...

oh awesome pic of me.