Monday, January 21, 2008

snow days

sledding with the gunn familia: we borrowed gear from them. the hat reminds me of something:
in our backyard:
lulled to sleep. reminds me of this:
right after shoveling the stairs i thought, hmm...

and i shoveled it back on.

chloe asked me to take a picture of her. just as i was about to snap it she said, "wait." and got in this pose:
after a storm:
once there was a snowman..


LoGunns said...

I loved all those pictures. and it's sparky #3

Zach said...

Katie thse pics are great! I cant believe how much they have all grown!! And it might sound cliche but you look younger than when I left... Thats quite the miracle considering how stressed you are... haha jk but I have no idea on the whole breastfeeding thing...

Erica said...

Awesome pics Katie. I really love the last one with the snowmen.

Your kids are cute & I'm jealous I'm not up there with all that snow!

rowena said...

awesome do not have a double chin. are you kidding. you looked great in aspen. oh and I think I am going to moab.. i can't believe you are running there. I ran 13 minutes the other day. that was the longest i have been able to cause i get inside pain. hhhaaa. it sucks.