Monday, January 07, 2008


we were in the car headed home and i asked chloe where her backpack was. she started freaking out because she didn't know.
"i left it!"
"oh, nevermind. i remember, its at home."
"no it isn't!" (very dramatic)
"yes, it is, chloe. i remember, its by the door."
"no, its not. i promise!"
"chloe, if its not by the door i will give you a hundred dollars."
her eyes get really big, "ok" (sneaky smirk)
we get in the house and she sees her backpack. "mom!" she starts to cry. "i wanted a hundred dollars!"
i tried to explain to her that i wouldn't have wagered $100 if i wasn't sure that it was there. but she didn't get it.

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