Tuesday, January 15, 2008

5 months

a bunch of facts about fred:

fred loves baths and his sisters. if i need to get something done i just set him in front of the girls and tell them to dance around. they are very good at making him laugh.

he loves the toy above his changing table. he has gone from focusing on the toys-to accidentally swatting them-to grabbing them-to pulling the whole thing off the wall and chewing on it.

he has mastered grabbing things. he's so good he can do it in his sleep.

we decided on his middle name--maddox--by drawing it out of a hat.

he was born with a prominent ridge from his lip to his nose. looks like he had a cleft but he didn't. thank goodness. you can make him smile very easily even in the middle of a crying fit.

we gave him this horse to stop him from scratching and clawing at his face when he's upset. i think i'll call him mr. ed. he has leg-warmers so i could call him mr. simmons but that doesn't rhyme with fred.

he is very ticklish and likes to be tossed up in the air.

chloe made these glasses for him:

he can roll over from back to belly.he is very sensitive to what his mother eats and squirms a lot at night. he doesn't sleep longer than 3 hours at a time and usually it is only two or one.he is nauseated by the smell of a clean shirt. (stole that joke)he likes to suck his toe.he is a happy and easy baby. we are so happy that he is not a girl. we love him very much.


LoGunns said...

What a good boy. Cute pictures:)

liz s said...

love the pictures! it was fun hanging out with you guys last week!