Saturday, March 05, 2011

Ski School

We signed all the kids up for ski school this year. I took Stella and Fred up on Thursdays after kindergarten & preschool. Dan took Chloe up on Saturdays (I forgot to have him take a picture). Chloe & Stella are pros. Fred improved drastically.
Since I'm pregnant I don't have a pass. But Dan likes to take two kids up at a time. Chloe can get off the lift by herself and Dan can help one kid at a time. Maybe next year he can handle all three. Maybe I should get some skis so I can help out.

This reminds me...Fred is going through a phase right now. He doesn't want to go anywhere without me or Dan. Not church, preschool, babysitters, ski school...It is so annoying. He never went through this phase as a baby. It started part way through ski school. He throws a fit when I have to drop him off. I have no idea why he started this. I always leave him and he recovers but it sure is a hassle.

And another thing about Fred. We have 1:00 church. EVERY Sunday he falls asleep during sharing time. His teacher always hands off a sleeping boy at the end, telling us he is "the sweetest thing."


Amy B said...

we talk about skiing with you often. We hope the kids will be able to soon.

Angie& Ray-GreatGrandparents said...

This reminds us of "The Fifties"We had been skiing since 1946(after service,marriage, building our 1st house & having Wayne & Laura)Enjoy every minute of this marvelous experience.The memories will remain with you well into your 80s+.We can attest to that.
Love Ya. Great Grammy & Pepe