Friday, March 04, 2011


Fred always wants someone to lay down with him at night. Sometimes I really enjoy it. He is a funny kid. Sometimes we are not in the mood and wish he would just go to bed. So we let the girls put him to bed. They take turns sleeping with him in his toddler bed (which is just a crib mattress for those who don't know).
(Blogger thinks it knows how I want my pictures positioned.)

Every morning he joins me in bed. I love it. Sometimes Stella does if she gets up early enough. Chloe only does on weekends--she is way to concerned about being late to waste time laying around. Fred always brings his horses. They are very affectionate. I get at least one kiss a day. One horse is superior to the other because it has a "popped up tail". I can't tell the difference but the tail is Fred's favorite part and he knows which is which.

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Amy B said...

how did you get them to actually go to sleep... was it hard at first because they were just playing and being silly? We went to put Ella with Tyler in the bunk beds because they would like to be together but why bother when we have so many extra rooms. We need a baby to fill one!