Thursday, January 27, 2011

Grandma & Grandpa

My kids love discussing how family is related. I was telling them that Grandma Lang is my grandma, Grandma Goodrich is my mom and your grandma, and when you have a kid I will be a grandma.
Stella: "And Dad will be the grandpa."
Fred: "And he'll be the Big Scary Bear." (My Dad's favorite role.)
Stella: "Yeah, and you'll be the grandma and give lots of hugs and kisses."

A few days later, Dan was asking the kids what they wanted for lunch. Stella couldn't decide. Dan asked, "How about a knuckle sandwich?"
Chloe said, "Dad, that's only funny when Grandpa says it."


Bonnie and Kirk said...

Did Fred take a marker to the head or is that an injury??

Amy B said...

delighted your posting again!

k8theriver said...

bonnie--stella took a marker to his head.
amy--it's my goal this week to blog once a day!

Anonymous said...

GreatGrammy & GreatPepe LaRiviere
Love Ya'll like Crazy(1940's Jargon)Glad you are back,but still having a hard time "Bringing you up?"
GreatGrammy & GreatPepe LaRiviere