Tuesday, May 25, 2010

One Day...

..we rode our bikes to Chloe's school. And stopped to touch the leaves.
We admired Chloe's project.
We stayed until Fred peed his pants.
On the way home, I convinced Fred to ride his bike down a hill.
He crashed and got a mouthful of grass.
We lost the garage opener and had to climb through a window to get in the house.
The End.

Have I mentioned that I love this neighborhood? The school is new and only two blocks away. There are walking paths and parks and swimming pools.
Suburbia at it's finest.
p.s. I think it looks like Stella is levitating in the fist picture. Can you see it or do I just have a good imagination? Maybe if you squint your eyes.


amy said...

I see it for sure- she could totally be floating!

as for kids- what fun projects can you do now since you only have one and half kids at home! nice!!!

Cyndi Rella said...

I thought it looked like she was jumping and getting some good airtime. I was shocked that you got such good timing for the picture.
Sara won't stop laughing that Fred peed his pants and I like that he can ride down the hill and you don't have to worry about him knocking his teeth out. That may lead to a lot of reckless abandonment.