Thursday, May 06, 2010


I did this egg hunt every year when I was a kid. Now the next generation does it.
Fred got a prize egg but was more excited about the candy.
Stella was mad because she only got two prize eggs. See how many kids there are? And there were only about ten prize eggs. And she got two! (Which is against the rules.) And that was not good enough for her.
Chloe was crying because she didn't get a prize egg. I was not proud of my girls at this moment (except for Stella's ability to get two prize eggs--that was awesome).
Is anyone else ever ashamed of their kids? I'm ruining them.
Stella gave one of her prize eggs to Chloe. We were all satisfied at this point.
Other traditions:
Dying eggs.
Hiding and hunting for the dyed eggs.
A scavenger hunt to find Easter baskets.
Stella's loot.

Fred, Halle & Chloe
We also watched Ashton and Ethan do a triathlon. My kids wanted to do it but I missed the registration deadline.
And we went to the narrows on the Red Hill. Rachel's brace broke and her shoe fell off--that was epic. And Dan was very determined to get his barrel chest through after a chubby, busty lady made it ahead of him. When there's a will there's a way.


Bonnie and Kirk said...

I'm glad someone else has kids that embarrass them too. At church the other day Mark was pointing and laughing at this man and then said outloud, 'Look mom, he's fat!' Humiliating!

ChanellR said...

That is the best easter egg hunt. Your kids are awesome. If it makes you feel better... I can actually remember crying because I didn't get a prize egg at the Santa Clara egg hunt. And I turned out fabulous! :)

LoGunns said...

I'm all about not ever letting a chubby busty lady do better than me:) Way to go Dan! You forgot to mention that you came to hang out with us too. Oh, wait a minute.... you didn't.

amy said...

we had to put away chutes and ladders for a long time because tyler couldn't handle not winning... kids grow up right???

Carrie said...

I'm often ashamed of my kids. It usually involves fighting in the middle of a store. I was a little dissapointed there were no photos of Dan squeezing between the rock. :p

Kristin said...

Oh my gosh the 6th picture of Chloe where he hair is blowing looks so much like you!!