Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Morning

We were in Santa Clara for two weeks of the Christmas holiday. The time always flies by.
Chloe lost a tooth before Christmas, like, really lost it--it fell out and she didn't notice. But she knows the Tooth Fairy is understanding so she wrote a note explaining the situation but saved it until Christmas Eve in the chance that she might meet up with Santa. Well, it worked. The T Fairy left Chloe a note and said she told Santa to brush his teeth after eating all the cookies. Chloe thought she was pretty clever.
Here we are opening stockings and reading notes from the T Fairy.
Fred got a slide, Stella got a Leapster and a scooter. Chloe got Nintendogs and a bike. She wondered why Santa gave her a used game (ebay). One of her clever cousins said that one of the elves must have played with it.
We opened presents with my parents, Grandma Lang, Jordan and Zach. I am very proud of myself for not getting very many presents. I was afraid they would be disappointed because there wasn't much to unwrap. I was wrong. Both girls mentioned many times how happy they were.
Fred received a gummy snake in his stocking. He liked to shake his head vigorously while tearing off bites.
It was a merry Christmas.


Carrie said...

Busy time at your house with the tooth fairy AND Santa coming in the same night. Good thing the tooth fairy didn't forget. It's been some close calls at our house.
Jimmy saw a gummy snake the other day and really wants it for next Christmas. :/

idon'tremembereatingcorn said...

i saw Fred's twin today. no joke. he is a bit younger, but spitting image. he is in sid's gymnastic class. I am bringing my camera next time i see him to show you.

amy said...

I like the not so many presents from santa bit... too many is crazy