Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas at the Zoo

We went to the zoo to see Santa (since the mall was too expensive).It turned out to be a great day to visit. All the animals received Christmas gifts. Every cage had a wrapped gift (some sort of food). In the picture on the left there is some sort of cat eating a white bunny. On the right is a komodo dragon eating a hunk of meat.
We were watching the spider monkeys lounging around in the trees when they suddenly went bananas--screaming and swinging around and fighting each other. Then one came up to the glass right in front of Fred. He (the monkey) had both hands on the glass and was screaming, baring its teeth and bulging its eyes--all inches from Fred's face. It was very exciting (and scary for Fred). The lions, on the other hand, were very cuddly and playful with each other. Fred now thinks monkeys are scary and lions are cute. He talked about lions, monkeys and nakes (snakes) for days.


ChanellR said...

I think I'm afraid of monkeys not too- what freaky picture.

Bonnie and Kirk said...

Your Santa is way better than the one we went to see. Scariness! I was thinking, "do I really want my kids sitting on this guy's lap?"

Amy said...

those bunny and meat pictures were a little much for me- so now I am going to go eat breakfast!