Thursday, October 01, 2009

Cleft continued

Fred doesn't NEED to get it fixed. The muscles in his lip and his palate are completely fine. It won't interfere with his speech. It is strictly cosmetic (though insurance covers it because it is considered a birth defect). I really don't imagine kids teasing him about it. Maybe in elementary a kid will ask, "Is that a scar?" And Fred will say, "Yes." "How did you get it?" And Fred can reply, "I was born with it." --or-- "I fell down some stairs when I was a baby." (I think it is more likely he'll get made fun of for missing teeth or being named 'Fred'.) I can't recall a time when a kid has inquired about his lip. Maybe I should start asking children what they think.
Ha ha. I just asked Chloe's friend if she had ever noticed Fred's scar. She tried to look but said she couldn't see it. So I pointed it out. Chloe said, "Whoa! I never noticed that." Neither had Stella or Annie.
I prefer to just leave it until he wants it fixed (and hope we have good insurance). Or at least until he's old enough to sit still and watch movies/color/play video games while it heals. Or until summer when I can ship off the girls. Or until we have money to cover the deductible. Or until we're about to lose our insurance.


ChanellR said...

I think that's a good plan.

amy said...

I like it too- sounds good

Angie & Ray L said...

Dear Family:First thanks a bunch for keeping us "up-to-date"on what's happenning.We feel that Fred is one of the cutest &,best looking of The LaRiviere's(but enough about Me)Re:The Cleft.If & when you feel you want to correct it,just let us know & we'll send you the necessary amount of the Deductible.Love ya'll,miss Ya'll,&can't wait to see Ya'll ASAP.
Great Grammy,&GreatPepe LaRiviere

Cyndi Rella said...

Nate says he'll probably end up with other scars somewhere. That's just part of being a boy.
Both of us and all the kids never thought anything needed to be done.

Heath said...

I think it's handsome and distinguishing. Don't do it. I mean, I've seen kids with ears that definitely need to be pinned back or REAL cleft palets that need repairing...those are no brainers, so as a parent, you make the choice for your child BEFORE they can make it themselves, assuming they would make the same choice! His lip is SO mild, barely noticable and oh so cute.

PamNoyes said...

I don't know why my computer wouldn't let me see you had posted until now! I agree that you are fine to leave it. Joaquine looks hot and Fred will pull that off too. ;)