Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Every year we let the kids design their own pumpkin face. Chloe even carved hers herself.
Stella's is on the left, Chloe's on the right.
I was really impressed with Fred's pumpkin. I told him to draw a circle for the eye then another circle. He was able to do this very well considering we have never taught him shapes. Then I told him to draw a line for the mouth. I carved around the line to create the mouth. I think it is a very charming pumpkin.
Mom's pumpkin on the left, Dad's on the right.
Next to Fred's plate is a pumpkin. (Yes, he's eating with his helmet on.) We picked out this football shaped pumpkin then Chloe painted it like a football. It screwed Fred up. He called all pumpkins footballs the entire Halloween season. We tried to correct him. "No, football!" he'd reply.

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